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The Beauty of Black and Gold

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The Beauty of Black and Gold

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 1 October 2010, 09:53:41

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

Learn why Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks black & gold.

Ever wondered why every single Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshot and video is clad in black and gold overtones? Of course you have. That's why when we got a chance to speak to art director, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, we asked him just that...

"Okay, so that was just one day... one picture. I think it was like a Sunday, and I saw this black and gold advert - I have no idea what it was. But it just struck me - this could be a great palette, it's never really been used in videogames. It was great for communication, packaging, bags so on," Jacques-Belletête explained.
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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