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Scars Of War Gathers Reinforcements

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Scars Of War Gathers Reinforcements

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 2 October 2010, 12:07:26

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Scars of War

It seems a second artist joined the Scars of War team.

Thought it worth mentioning that the Scars of War team is now up to two (2) artists! Woot. This ‘not doing everything myself’ concept is getting more and more appealing, the older and less stupid I get, I’m telling you. You laugh, but one of the downsides to having a positive, ‘I can do anything I put my mind to’ attitudes is a belief that you can just ‘step in’ to any roles you’re missing in a game dev team.
I’ve come to realize that, regardless of whether I could actually learn any/all of the various disciplines’ skills, the time required to do so and do it well is just…unfeasible (Yes, ok, that’s probably pretty obvious to most of you, shutit). Doing art, I’m not coding. Coding, I’m not writing/designing adventures. Writing, I’m not interacting with the community (posting on forums/blogging).
Here's another piece of interest for anyone with some talent and too much time:

I’ll end off by saying that I’m always looking for contributors, should anyone be interested. I’m essentially running a bounty system, if you feel you can contribute a piece of art, contact me (PM on ITS or email) and we’ll chat, I’ve got a list of things I need (not just icons, all sorts of art) and even supplying one or two of those things would be a help. You’ll need to provide a sample of your work. Be aware, I’ve got a very limited budget, essentially what’s left of my paycheck once I’ve budget everything else, but maybe we can come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.
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