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Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga Previews

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Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga Previews

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 12 October 2010, 14:34:04

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

... en français. Two different french sites put up hands-on previews on the Dragon Knight Saga.

"Whether it is on PC or on Xbox360, the game has taken a giant visual leap. Simply put, everything looks more beautiful, more detailed... really impressive !"

"On Xbox360, it's also worth noting that the interface has been improved significantly, more usable and a lot better readable than in Ego Draconis. Another problem they solved is that the camera is now much closer to the avatar, (ed: with different controls) allowing the player to better control his character in combat"

"Flames of Vengeance is an expansion of great quality. Very rich in content, better looking than the previous episode, with bugfixes and improvements where possible, it concludes Divinity II in the best possible way."
If anyone can understand this "language" feel free to post whether those previews contain any worthwhile info.
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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