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Revisiting Alpha Protocol

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Revisiting Alpha Protocol

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 18 October 2010, 10:05:30

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

Back then Joe Martin of BitTech rated Alpha Protocol 4/10 in his review, but now he found out that popping the moles while assuming the role of Agent Thorton Dumbfuck is pretty cool and he enjoys it an aweful lot at the moment, playing the game again and again.

So; still broken. Worse than that, I know that the game underneath the bugs still isn’t all that great. It’s woefully balanced, schizophrenically paced and the plot is about as interesting as putting powdered glass in your eyes. Agent Thorton’s pursuit of not-Haliburton really couldn’t be duller if it tried. So, how can I possibly like it now?

Good question. How can you, POSSIBLY?

Then again, I’ve been enjoying it an awful lot and, just as I originally hated Deus Ex because of it’s bastard first levels, I’ve come to love Alpha Protocol too. It’s smart, cool and interesting, with enough non-linearity built into it that I already know I’m going to play it again and again. I’ll probably play it straight again after I finished it next and, while I can’t recommend anyone ever play it, it surely won’t be too long until it shows up on some Steam sale or as some part of some ‘Pre-order X, get Alpha Protocol free!’ bundle, in which case I’d suggest you pick it up. You might, like me, be pleasantly surprised.

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