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Revisiting Alpha Protocol

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Revisiting Alpha Protocol

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 18 October 2010, 10:05:30

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

Back then Joe Martin of BitTech rated Alpha Protocol 4/10 in his review, but now he found out that popping the moles while assuming the role of Agent <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Thorton</span> Dumbfuck is pretty cool and he enjoys it an aweful lot at the moment, playing the game again and again.

So; still broken. Worse than that, I know that the game underneath the bugs still isn&rsquo;t all that great. It&rsquo;s woefully balanced, schizophrenically paced and the plot is about as interesting as putting powdered glass in your eyes. Agent Thorton&rsquo;s pursuit of not-Haliburton really couldn&rsquo;t be duller if it tried. So, how can I possibly like it now?
Good question. How can you, POSSIBLY?

Then again, I&rsquo;ve been enjoying it an awful lot and, just as I originally hated Deus Ex because of it&rsquo;s bastard first levels, I&rsquo;ve come to love Alpha Protocol too. It&rsquo;s smart, cool and interesting, with enough non-linearity built into it that I already know I&rsquo;m going to play it again and again. I&rsquo;ll probably play it straight again after I finished it next and, while I can&rsquo;t recommend anyone ever play it, it surely won&rsquo;t be too long until it shows up on some Steam sale or as some part of some &lsquo;Pre-order X, get Alpha Protocol free!&rsquo; bundle, in which case I&rsquo;d suggest you pick it up. You might, like me, be pleasantly surprised.
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