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Bethesda passed on $50 Million Fallout MMO

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Bethesda passed on $50 Million Fallout MMO

Interview - posted by Jason on Fri 22 October 2010, 17:51:35

Tags: Interplay

Interplay president Eric Caen (aka Hervé's brother) is claiming that Bethesda balked at the idea of dropping $50 million on the rights to a Fallout MMO.

"Hervé [Caen] started negotiations with Bethesda to sell Fallout to them," reveals Eric. "My brother said: 'If you want the full IP, the value of it is $50 million.' They said: 'No way. Why $50 million?' We said: 'Because the MMOG strength of this universe is huge.' Bethesda said: 'We don’t want that. Let’s buy everything else but the MMOG. Do the MMOG.' They said that Interplay had to start development and by a certain time we had to have a full game in development."

Eric says he thinks that Bethesda, on realising the value of the original proposition, wanted to reclaim a stake in the project.

"They bought everything, but left Interplay with the licence to do the MMOG - under certain conditions, thinking that Interplay would never fulfil these conditions. But Interplay did. Spring 2009 - this is public information - Bethesda sends a termination letter to Interplay, saying: 'You did not fulfil your obligation.' So all the litigation is about that. I think Bethesda, off the back of Fallout 3’s success, realised that Hervé was probably right about the value. They said: 'OK, how can we get that without paying?'"

As always, take anything the Fabulous Furry French Brothers say with a grain of salt.

Thanks to Jaesun for the tip


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