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Arcania - Less Gothic than Risen

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Arcania - Less Gothic than Risen

Review - posted by Jason on Tue 26 October 2010, 07:55:18

Tags: Gothic 4: Arcania

Our Vlach friends over at ComputerGames.ro are the latest to share their thoughts on ArcaniA: Gothic 4.

After a tormenting adventure with a similar ending, the conclusion is obvious. It’s a pity for that Gothic 4 in the title, the game would have been better off with ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale, considering they decided to make the series mainstream. On the other hand, games like this one make you appreciate Risen even more, although it too was criticized; truth be told, Risen is more Gothic 4 than the game which bears the name officially.

ArcaniA is functional, it looks good, but it offers nothing special in its 20 or so hours. And if this is the bright future of the series, I can already say “May it rest in peace”.​
Thanks to Mr Rosca

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