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Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Reviews

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Reviews

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 6 November 2010, 16:18:15

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

With The Dragon Knight Saga having been released, there are some first impressions hitting the web.
Besides, DKS and FoV are now available at the Larian Online Store.
Anyway, back to the impressions, JeuxVideo hands out a massive rating of 18/20:

C'est bien simple, la première référence qui vient à l'esprit de l'auteur de ces lignes pour évoquer les qualités narratives de cette extension, c'est Planescape Torment. Certes, on a vite fait le tour des différents quartiers d'Aleroth, mais leur densité est assez exceptionnelle. Ils regorgent de PNJ qui ont tous une histoire à raconter et un rôle à jouer, et qui sont parfois au centre de plusieurs quêtes annexes. La démarcation entre la trame principale et les missions secondaires n'a d'ailleurs jamais été aussi ténue. Flames of Vengeance propose un réseau de quêtes en toile d'araignée d'une surprenante efficacité : quoi que vous fassiez, vous êtes sans arrêt parasité par d'autres sollicitations, et c'est généralement en effectuant une tâche ou en explorant un endroit qui n'a a priori rien à voir que vous tomberez sur l'élément qui débloquera la quête que vous aviez laissée en suspens. De manière générale, cette extension ne prend jamais le joueur par la main, et lui demande même régulièrement un effort auquel il n'est plus vraiment habitué : chercher un peu !
One of our francophone bros plz translate and/or give a recap of the article. They compare the writing to PS:T which might be pushing it a bit.
Then there's some fan giving his impressions in the Larian forums:

<span id="body0">Straight back in with the Ego Draconis side and I have been blown away from what I have seen for the first hour or so. I'm only at River town, but that is more than enough to see not the icing on the cake but the most awesome update you could ever wish to see! It's much more smoother, slicker and metallic looking with better more solid animation of everything. The animation was the most important feature I wanted to see and it's really nice now. The player camera has been moved in like 10 meters so it's just behind your character now and you can see things like never before. I was looking at a traders table and it looked cool, almost like playing a new game because you had never seen it like that before - cant wait to see more of the game and what new surprise it has. Not forgetting it has Flames of Vengeance adventure which is going to have to wait till I see Ego out!

Lots of new art work such as the inventory icons and NOW (under line) you can see your character for the first time from the menu's which is really cool because you can now see individual items you maybe using/wearing which is much easier to understand, follow!

It's a real shame the game was not like this in the first place, but in this day and age with the likes of Halo, COD &amp; Kinect you never see updates of your most loved games and to see one like this makes it worth every ounce of gold you paid for it and then some.

Really pleased. If it was not for Ego we would not have the pleasure of what is infront of us today!</span>
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