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Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance Review

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Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 6 November 2010, 19:36:18

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

Gameinformer reviewed Flames of Vengeance and scored it 7.75/10.
The good:

I have nothing but love for the sometimes epic, sometimes tongue-in-cheek stories told through the many quests that permeate this post-apocalyptic setting. The send-up of European good ol' boy gentlemen's clubs you come across early on is a perfect example. The rich playboys in charge of controlling access to dark secrets under the ancient city have been duped by a comely witch, who turned them into talking vegetables and made off with their treasures. Their dialogues evoke the stereotype of a pompous Victorian scion, amusingly more concerned about their social standing than the terrible knowledge they were charged to protect or the fact that they're currently immobile and quite edible. Players can follow their questlines through to discover the mystery behind their now-abandoned club, or taunt them about their current predicament and eat them for permanent stat boosts. These kind of choices are everywhere in this adventure, and exploring the rich tapestry of interwoven storylines is as entertaining here as in the best works in the medium.
The bad:

If only the underlying RPG systems and the combat were of a similar quality. The skill progression suffers from the same problem that plagued Diablo II at release, where doing anything but stacking all of your points in three or four skills gimps your character. There is only a bare selection of skills, many of which are cooldown-limited besides. Consumables are hideously boring, granting such inspired effects as +10 Strength or +18 Ranged Armor. Other than hitting these lame buttons, your options are to attack and dodge, neither of which works well since collision between your weapons, the enemies, and the environment is so unpredictable. The customizable necromantic pet is supposed to add flexibility to the combat, but is nothing better than a distraction at the super-high levels in which the Flames of Vengeance adventure takes place.
Well, the complaints about the character system are true. But that isn't new in FoV, Ego Draconis had that problem too. All in all the character system + the all powerful level-stat are lame in comparison to Divine Divinity, where you could learn spells from books for example and even having a certain spell at level 1 or 2 could be very helpful. On the other hand FoV will literally spam you with skillbooks, so I was able to max out 3 or 4 additional abilities. So, it was still better than ED in that regard.
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