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Dragon Knight Saga Review

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Dragon Knight Saga Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 22 November 2010, 15:26:22

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

Another review on Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga surfaced over at computergames.ro with a final score of 80/100.
An excerpt on the difference between ED+FoV and DKS:

Why we get a new package

The direct comparison for DKS is without doubt The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, a similar pack released with mainly the same reasons: solving technical issues, adding new stuff and improvements. Still, I don’t think that DKS sports such huge differences to entice a gamer that already has Ego Draconis to buy the package.

It’s true that the graphics are better, but ultimately these aren’t the point, we want quality gameplay with attractive quest and loot for the more packrat oriented adventurers. Thus, if we consider DKS to be 100%, then about 25% of it is new, including Flames of Vengeance. There are still technical problems, even some that I didn’t encounter in Ego Draconis. And the irony is that back then I had a weaker video card and the game was running much better.

The framerate in Flames of Vengeance can vary wildly as well, from 40+ frames to some 2 or 3 in moments when the game acted like I had 128MB RAM and a Pentium I. A game restart solved the problem for another four, five hours, but this was an ongoing issue, one I didn’t have with Ego Draconis.

More to that, I even got a blue screen when leaving Rivellon and the object interaction requires a sniper’s precision. There are sausages, bread, apples spread around all over the place, along with keys to open certain doors and coffers, but you have to be in a certain spot and position the camera in a certain way to be able to use or pick them up.

The animations didn’t get much love, as the hero moves and runs around in the same way, the NPCs have the same limited range of gestures and the facial models won’t surprise anyone with detail or expressions. On the other hand, the differences can be seen in the surroundings, vegetation, walls or interiors.

Also, the special effects and lighting are better, offering a special atmosphere in houses or in the red square near Crow’s Nest. However, besides the annoying framerate drops, these improvements also have a habit of stressing weaker CPUs, so gamers might need to lower the details a bit to try and keep the framerate up.

On a more positive note, the voice acting, dialogues and musical score are still excellent, and the hero now has a more incisive repertoire when it comes to turning down a side quest.
Thanks to <span class="postbody">Vlad 'Bossman' Rosca for pointing this out.

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