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Fall of Setarrif - Even More ArcaniA to Love

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Fall of Setarrif - Even More ArcaniA to Love

Game News - posted by Jason on Thu 9 December 2010, 22:17:26

Tags: Gothic 4: Arcania

Dreamcatcher sent word that the Codex fan favorite ArcaniA is expanding with ArcaniA - Fall of Setarrif.

DreamCatcher Games, Spellbound Entertainment and JoWooD Group are happy to announce the upcoming launch of the newest addition to the ArcaniA universe, ArcaniA - Fall of Setarrif. In this action filled add-on, our nameless hero will continue his journey and encounter fierce new enemies, all new items and more exotic areas to explore. For the first time in the history of the franchise, gamers will be able to experience the story from a different perspective and play as different characters.
“This add-on gives us the opportunity to tell the story of the city Setarrif. Besides the story, which is an extension of the story of ArcaniA – Gothic 4, players will be provided with diversified regions, quests and dungeons,” says André Beccu, Lead Designer Spellbound Entertainment.  “Players will be able to import their Gothic 4 character and they will meet the old fellows again. But this time, we came up with something very new!”
Game Features:
  • 10 hours of gameplay with a multitude of new quests and missions
  • Experience the story from another characters’ point of view – for the very first time in the franchise
  • Import your character from ArcaniA - Gothic 4 or choose one from a set of archetypes
  • A broad variety of new items for a even more character variations
  • New enemies! Prove your fighting techniques against countless hordes of monsters
  • New environments like cities, coastal regions, jungle and mountains with volcanic activity!
Look out for a special version of the add-on which will blow the action-RPG fans’ socks off, updates and details 2011!

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