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Morrowind: Tribunal Review at Four Fat Chicks

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Morrowind: Tribunal Review at Four Fat Chicks

Review - posted by Mistress on Sun 12 January 2003, 12:17:21

Tags: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

There's a new review of Morrowind expansion pack Tribunal, up on the interestingly titled Four Fat Chicks website. They're very positive about it, and Morrowind in general.

Tribunal, the first official expansion pack to Morrowind (which means, I hope, that there will be more), is in fact just a gigantic plug-in, built with the very same tools available to all gamers. This is not a bad thing; though not nearly so colossal as Morrowind itself, Tribunal is expected to supply most gamers with a good twenty hours or so of gaming fun (compared to Morrowind's 200-plus)—and at only $29.99 retail (plus the original game), that's nothing to complain about.

This review, unlike most of the ones we've seen so far, actually does talk about the game, rather than just rehashing what's on the back of the box and adding "if you like Morrowind, you'll like this".

Spotted over at RPGDot

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