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Beth vs. Interplay: Catfight Continues

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Beth vs. Interplay: Catfight Continues

Company News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sun 16 January 2011, 09:00:57

Tags: Interplay

The Vault reports that the court dismissed Bethesda's counterclaim to Interplay's counterclaim to Bethesda's initial claim. On the other hand Interplay has to provide certain information within 14 days:

    * The monthly sales of pre-existing Fallout games worldwide, including Fallout Trilogy, in dollars and units in order to establish any damages from Bethesda’s trademark infringement claim
    * A response to “contention interrogatory” that seeks to glean the factual basis for Interplay’s claim that it complied with the Trademark License Agreement’s (“TLA”) financing provision
    * Facts concerning any financing it secured after April 4, 2009 and any development efforts after the same date
    * Documents documenting the company's relationship with Interactive Game Group and Masthead Studios
    * The long-form agreement with Masthead Studios
    * Documents concerning packaging for the Fallout games
    * Documents concerning distribution for the Fallout games
    * Documents relating to Interplay’s affirmative defenses of estoppel, waiver, ratification, acquiescence, consent, laches, and unclean hands
    * Documents relating to Interplay’s counterclaim
    * Documents relating to Glutton Creeper, an Interplay licensee

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