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Snow White, Donald Duck and Hair Falling Out

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Snow White, Donald Duck and Hair Falling Out

Company News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 21 February 2011, 00:02:19

Tags: Interplay

Let Ausir take you on a funny ride through Bethesda vs. Interplay court transcripts. Have I ever mentioned that lawyers are the bane of modern society? There, I mentioned it.

<span class="va-newsquote-text">Interplay has one little lawyer and Mr. Kaen handling this. I think Mr. Leader said that they had something like seven or eight lawyers from DLA representing them at the time all looking through this.
I submit to you they left it out, but completely explaining what was going to be part of that. But what is interesting is they didn't come to this Court previously and simply say to you at the preliminary injunction, we want an injunction Judge because they don't have any right to do anything wit it except put a game out there with a mark Fallout on it.
That would have been simple and why didn't they do that? Because I submit that Mr. Leader and Mr. Lesher in declarations, they knew what the intent was, they knew that Interplay was going to make a game that looked like Fallout, they knew that it was going to have similar characters to it, they wouldn't have had to make the arguments that they are making now had they really believed that is what it was before. To think anything else is simply ridiculous.</span>
The next law firm Bethesda hires will be capable of spelling names correctly, or so I heard. That's what I call improvement.

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