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Scars of War - Things 'll Never Be The Same

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Scars of War - Things 'll Never Be The Same

Development Info - posted by Jason on Sat 23 April 2011, 06:48:53

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We won't get to play Scars of War, but our children or grandchildren might.

Scars of War development is going to be halted for an indefinite time period, at least one year, probably longer. In the next few months, once my business plan and the game spec has been finalized, I shall quit my job to work full time (or nearly full time, depending on whether a contracting gig comes through) on a smaller, 6-month project. Not an RPG, a battling-card game in the same genre as Magic : The Gathering and Spectromancer. The aim is to finish it within 6 months, but with allowances for up to 1 year dev time. Toward the end of that period I will evaluate whether I can keep going full time or need to search for other work (contractual or full time), as I will be near to exhausting my savings. Should the game be finished and making money, I will begin working on expansions (more cards/opponents/mechanics/scenarios) as well as porting to new platforms (made easier by the fact that the game will be dev’d on the Unity3D game engine) to expand my income stream. Should I have failed to finish but be near completion, or not making much money, I will look for contract work to help tide me over during that last stretch. Should I have completely failed…well, I will have given it my best shot. At least I can look back and know that I tried.

Scars of War development will resume when my business is stable enough that I feel I can get to the finish line without running out of money. That will probably be achieved in small steps, by building smaller games with sub-sets of the assets or functionality I wanted for SoW, that can then be built upon to reach the full product. For example, a dungeon crawler/arena fighter would allow me to build up the combat system (one of the parts of SoW that needs the most work currently) as its own game and then use that for a more complete RPG.​

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