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Larian Studios Status Update

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Larian Studios Status Update

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 9 June 2011, 21:34:10

Tags: Larian Studios

Swen Vincke has posted another status update on the Larian forums, seems they'll be announcing "Project D" at this year's GameCom in Cologne.

But this time, as we have to present “our babies” ourselves, and have 48m² to do it in (which doesn’t sound like a lot but when in reality is actually quite large), we need to figure out not only what the presentation will be like, but also what all the stuff around it’s going to be, and all the presumed experience in these matters just isn’t there ! The horror ! And this is going to be the start of the big announcement for Project D ! Panic strikes !

Well, not really of course, but it does have me slightly worried. I’m having visions of a huge empty booth, with the hardware crashed, the furniture stuck somewhere in some strike and nobody interested in what we have to show, which in the particular scenario that there’s no furniture and no hardware would actually be a bonus. But I guess we’ll rise to the occasion, have plenty of people come to taste our wonderful Dragon Beer and walk away in awe as they see the brilliancy of project D, which I’m sure will be visible to all, even if at this very moment it a) still just looks as a collection of flat shaded stub models floating around (admittedly with some already very good looking terrain and a bunch of hot-but-not-yet-integrated assets ;\) ), b) is the project in which we’re taking the most risk gameplay-wise.

I need to go so I’ll close with that, but if anybody has some seriously good ideas about how we can announce our next game in such an original way that everybody is going to take note, please let me know. Oh, and while I’m at it, good ideas for the revamp of the Larian site & forums are more than welcome too !
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