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Dungeon Siege III Interview

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Dungeon Siege III Interview

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 20 June 2011, 09:17:33

Tags: Dungeon Siege III; Obsidian Entertainment

With the official release just being a few days away, here's a short interview with Dungeon Siege III producer Nathan Davis.

GI: Nice. So story, that’s the one thing that Dungeon Siege has been able to do well so far in its series. Obsidian has their track record. Talk about Dungeon Siege III, what are some of the really exciting things we’re going to see just in terms of the story?

ND: Story wise there’s some great twists and turns. I really love the characters. One of the things that we did to take advantage of the existing allure of the Dungeon Siege world was we collected a whole bunch of stuff from Gas Powered Games and our lead creative designer compiled this great big massive tomb that was like the Dungeon Siege sourcebook or the Ehb sourcebook . It’s kind of like an old forgotten realm style, like I’m going to figure out what’s in each of these areas and it was cool. It was something that we could reuse as our bible as we were building things up. That’s something that we did in correlation with Gas Powered Games and the Chris Taylor. He got a chance to take a look at that and give us feedback and all that. So we really did stay true to the world of Ehb which is the land of Dungeon Siege.
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