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The Future of The Witcher and CD Projekt

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The Future of The Witcher and CD Projekt

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Thu 23 June 2011, 04:28:59

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

A post release interview with Michal Nowakowski, Vice President of Business Development at CD Projekt RED talked with gamergaia:
First, I have to ask you about the reactions to the game, are you happy with the overall hype? We really loved it here at GamerGaia and I personally added a note to my review stating that it is probably the best RPG title after Baldur’s Gate 2.
MICHAL NOWAKOWSKI: Thank you for the kind words - it is always great to be compared to really great games such as Baldur’s Gate 2! In terms of whether we are happy with the reaction - I would say overall yes. The reviews were great, at least most of them, people's comments were also on the positive side in most cases. Of course, it is those that are negative that worry us the most. I know the team noted down the most recurring comments, and are taking them into consideration with patches, etc. Gamers feedbacks are super important to the team.
Now, I would like to ask a few questions regarding the general gaming scene. Today, companies make ridiculously huge amounts of money from mediocre games and it became more like a business rather than entertainment. There are some games with a profit margin more than the GDP of an average 3rd world country. Do you think that the gaming industry will face with a major failure in the near future like the music industry did back in early 2000s?
MN: First of all, the games industry as such has always been business. With the exception of demo scene in the 80/90s, dev groups have always been making games to make money, and publishers were selling them also to make money. As much as we may or may not like it, development of games costs a lot of money as well, and people who make these games need to make a living too. It is a job, but not like any other. It is a job with a passion. However, even tons of passion will not help if the game does not sell at all. In such case, next project of the dev team is cancelled and the team has to look for a job. Do I think dev money is easy money? No, as for every successful project that sells well and sees sequels, there are dozens of games that either do not get finished because of lack of financing or ones that do not sell good or good enough and their sequels are canned. 
Is it easier for Publishers or Distributors? Not really either - there is always a risk of financial losses, and getting black in the P&L is not as easy as it may seem from the outside. And trust me, publishers also do not make profit of the size you are suggesting - look at EA posting loss results for so many past quarters. It is a business of risk, and a pretty big one. Finally - do I think that games industry faces failure as music industry did? I think we will see changes rather than some sales breakdown. In fact, these changes are already happening. We will see bigger shift from retail sales to digital distribution and perhaps some other methods of reaching content you want to play online.
CD Projekt RED is a company that stands strong against major companies. However, there is always a risk of being pushed out of the market. Your independent attitude is well received among the gamers, do you intend to keep your indie status? What are your future plans regarding the company?
MN: We do intend to keep the indie status. We are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and as such are reasonably well funded. Well enough to continue our operations without selling ourselves to bigger entity. As for the plans, heh. We plan to keep making games with passion, and hope that gamers keep on enjoying them! And that really is about it - we may experiment with new platforms, maybe even new LPs in the future, but the general idea is to keep making games, and get better at doing that with every next release.
It is a rather short interview, so read the entire article here.
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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