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Larian's Project D Update

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Larian's Project D Update

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Tue 12 July 2011, 05:15:17

Tags: Larian Studios

Lar_q from the Larian forums provided a small update on their Project D today:

I'm pretty nervous - tomorrow we're showing project D to a journalist for the very first time, and I have absolutely no idea how it will go. If this were E, I wouldn't be stressed, because that one hits all the right notes (I think), but D, well, it's different. At this point, I'm full of doubts, and constantly need remind myself that ever since I saw the first prototype, my thoughts about D have been "you think it's fun - someone else will also think it's fun - you just need to be able to communicate clearly about it." But at this point, I'm already going to be happy if he tells me "looks interesting". What I don't have any doubts about is that he'll say it's ambitious  
Anyway, it said small status update, so that means really short  
Events of interest -
-We're getting our first distribution deals in place
-We're having a big steam number one party this week at an undisclosed location
-We know what our booth at GC is going to look like and what we'll be showing
-Working with David Freeman is a blessing and a curse because it caused a lot of extra work (but for a good cause)
-Farhang, our lead designer, is going to give an excellent presentation tomorrow  Go Farhang !
-We're all going on a holiday (well almost all) real soon
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