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Dungeon Siege III Review

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Dungeon Siege III Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 18 July 2011, 17:39:34

Tags: Dungeon Siege III; Obsidian Entertainment

The Telegraph's prestigious [sarcasm check DC2] game reviewer Ashton Raze tackles Dungeon Siege III, and gives it a whopping 8/10, singing its praises under many different points of view.

Quests too are pretty standard fantasy fare. They're the usual 'find and return an item' or 'save a man from certain death'. And it works perfectly. Dungeon Siege III isn't a game about complex narrative, although the scripting is up to Obsidian's usual high standard. It's happy to languish in its western fantasy tropes, only occasionally throwing out something a little more unusual, but each time to great effect. There are key plot decisions scattered throughout, although these serve as little more than a fun distraction that alters the ending montage. The game may attempt a degree of morality narrative, but the focus here is really on trekking through numerous dungeons, thwacking beasts and collecting shiny new equipment. The novelty of seeing a chest spewing forth its glittering prizes never wears off. And, again unlike Hunted, the weapons and armour is so varied and numerous, with each piece having its own strengths and weaknesses, that changing things around regularly leads to some fun experimentation.
It's a game that offers few surprises then, but one that offers plenty of enjoyment. It has nowhere near the depth of Obsidian's last RPG, Fallout: New Vegas and in this case it suits. It offers the immediacy of other, perhaps cheaper dungeon crawlers while doing it with the style and substance afforded to a full priced game. It may not be the most memorable tale in the world, but the continued adventures of the 10th Legion are worth following if you're after a game to play with a friend - a game that'll make you think, but not too much.
Newsitem brought to you by Jools, who's not <span class="postbody">sure if it's news-worthy, but felt like pointing it out.</span>

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