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Dragon Commander - Larian Announces New Game

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Dragon Commander - Larian Announces New Game

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 11 August 2011, 15:03:26

Tags: Larian Studios

Larian Studios announced their new game (formerly known as Project D) : Dragon Commander.
I'm unsure as to how much of an RPG (or Strategy-RPG hybrid) it will actually be, but I guess there will be more info unveiled during next week's GamesCom. For the time being here's a snippet:

Dragon Commander

Play Dragon Commander and become a mighty Dragon Knight who takes to the skies to wage all-out war. Burn your enemies and lead your armies, then plan your next moves on the highly interactive, tactical campaign map. Yours is the power of the dragon and yours will be the empire!

Be the Dragon

Take control of a great dragon equipped with powerful technology and obliterate all that stands in your way. Use magic, skill and cunning to win the day.

Take command

Build vast armies and lead them into spectacular real-time combat. Conquer the vast world of the Divinity universe, and see your dominion spread over the tactical map.

Become the Emperor

Forge alliances; seek out arcane magic; fund military technology; woo powerful princesses; torture innocent imps. Will you be remembered as Sergei the Cruel, or Swen the Wise?

Battle online

Campaign against your friends and show them you are the only one who’s worthy of the title of Dragon Commander!

Or in other words - plenty of strange people & creatures to talk to with plenty of choices to make, a big turn-based strategy map with all kinds of fancy units to move around and countries to invade, researching of technology & spells & dragon boosting equipment, the story of the first Dragon Knights (from the time Maxos was a very common word), and massive dragon combat featuring a combat system that's shaping up to be way cooler than anything we've ever managed on that front, way way cooler. It has Steampunk, it has fantasy, huge areas to do the dragon combat in and lots, and I mean lots, of enemies to destroy. It obviously also has a single-player storyline, but there will be options to play multiplayer campaigns against one another which should be quite a lot of fun.

We'll show a lot more in the coming months, and we're still learning a lot about the game ourselves, but the one thing I can tell you is that we're having quite a lot of fun making it, a lot more fun actually than we had when we were making Divinity II, so I hope that'll translate itself into something you'll feel when playing it.
Teaser trailer.

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