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The Witcher 2 gets awards; 2.0 coming

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The Witcher 2 gets awards; 2.0 coming

Game News - posted by Elwro on Tue 16 August 2011, 01:27:03

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

"European Games Awards 2011" have been presented yesterday in Köln, 4players report. The only game which would even remotely be an RPG on the list is The Witcher 2, which won in the "Best European Gamedesign", "Best European Special Edition" and "Best European Gameworld" categories (someone should tell these guys Aedirn isn't in Europe). Winning in the gamedesign category is quite an achievement for a game which instead of having two halves to be played in order contains two copies of its first half instead. Will we ever get to play the second half? In any case, following their own behaviour regarding the myriads of Enhanced Special Ubereditions of the original Witcher, CD Projekt will provide a "new and improved" version of The Witcher 2 -- the announcement is supposedly in this video, around 4:55.
The humble country of Germany will undoubtedly be glad to receive the happy news that they won in the "Best European Country" category. Not kidding.
Spotted at: RPG Watch

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