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Diablo III Muslim Controversy

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Diablo III Muslim Controversy

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 6 October 2011, 11:27:28

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment; Diablo III

The Muslim Gamer expressed their concerns regarding some textures in Diablo 3 that resemble, or might perhaps resemble, the Quran. In the religion of peace (Islam) this is probably a crime punishable by death (much like getting raped will often lead to the poor girl in question getting stoned for "honour" reasons) so we can only imagine what dire consequences this whole situation has. Or might have.

Dear Blizzard,

As an old fan and player of Blizzard Entertainment, and always supporting your games, I’ve been wondering about an issue been noticed by me and my friends from streaming videos of Diablo III beta (didn’t play it though), from a screenshot attached as follows, there is a strange resemblance between the book highlighted in the pic (Diablo III Gameplay) and the Holy book of Quran (Muslims Holy book).


The book is one of other books found on the shelves which is interacted with by dropping on the floor and it is also found buried under piles of dirt, supposedly the game (or any blizzard game before didn’t implement something like that) and the game shouldn’t intervene with any impact with religion whatever it is, or giving an offence to any of the known religions by any means.


Anyway, i suggest removing that texture of that book (of resemblance) before launching the original version of Diablo III and during that beta testing phase.


Hoping to have a reply from the developers concerning this issue, to avoid any negative influence on Muslim fans and players (or any other religions fans to notice this) to deal with Blizzard games.


It's about time Blizzard takes into account the delicate texture-sensibilities of muslim gamers worldwide.



Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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