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Frayed Knights review

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Frayed Knights review

Review - posted by Elwro on Tue 11 October 2011, 14:32:44

Tags: Frayed Knights

That new first-person, turn-based, party RPG Frayed Knights has been reviewed at Digitally Downloaded. The review, while not as in-depth as some previous offerings, is very favourable and, frankly, anyone with a remote interest in TB RPGs should take a look at the demo. Notice that you'll be getting some humour together with the TB dungeon crawling goodness:


Your party consists of four fixed members. Arianna, dainty warrior half elf with a short temper, Dirk, a clumsy lowbrow thief, Ben, a timid priest only very recently joined after a spell in herbalism, and a ditsy sorceress named Chloe who takes a little too much pleasure in pyromania spells. This is where the writing of this game really shines. It got to a point that even though the gameplay itself was excellent; I kept playing into the wee hours of the morning for the dialogue. So much fun is had here with not only the characters interacting in the most hilarious, fascinating and memorable ways, but with all the fun poked at RPGs I mentioned earlier. It throws a lot of curveballs around RPG convention. When asked to check out the rat problem in Farmer Brown’s basement, Dirk proclaims “not another kill the rats in the basement quest!” I actually laughed out loud.


Easily amused, eh? Well, the reviewer says "it's perhaps the weakest gag". Here's a bit straight for the Codex:


The writing is the reason every RPG fans should play it, or even RPG haters, hell, everyone!


Drama queens should also find something for themselves here:


it gets pretty challenging even early on. To help you with this, the games’ unique drawcards come in. First is a neat little thing called “drama points” and I find the concept in itself hilarious. Basically, you gain points that fill up three stars at the top of your screen whenever you do anything dramatic; anything that would be accompanied in a movie by the DRR DRR DRR sound of melodrama. This ranges from dialogue, to encounters to disarming traps - all sorts of things.



Spotted at: Tales of the Rampant Coyote

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