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Dungeon Siege III Review

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Dungeon Siege III Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 17 October 2011, 10:58:04

Tags: Dungeon Siege III; Obsidian Entertainment

Gamebanshee presents their Dungeon Siege 3 review.
"Unfortunately, while Obsidian usually makes games more interesting and sophisticated when they gain control, this time they took a PC title and ran with it straight into consoles where nobody wanted it to be."

Here's their conclusion:

Overall, Dungeon Siege III is a playable but unexciting game.  It provides you with lots of stuff to kill and equipment to loot, which gives it the minimum requirements for an action RPG, but it doesn't include anything to keep you playing or wanting more.  It is slightly better than Space Siege, preventing it from being the worst Siege game of all time, but it's a near thing.  That being said, if you're not expecting much, and you just want to mess around killing stuff here and there for an hour or two at a time, then Dungeon Siege III can get the job done.  I'd just recommend that you pick it up during one of the sub-$25 sales we've seen lately rather than the $40-50 range that it typically hovers around.
To be honest, Dungeon Siege was always crap so I guess Obsidian just wanted to stay true to the formula.

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