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Knights of the Chalice review

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Knights of the Chalice review

Review - posted by Elwro on Sat 22 October 2011, 20:50:59

Tags: Knights of the Chalice

DIYGamer offer a new review for the TB, old-school RPG, Knights of the Chalice. While the reviewer hasn't noticed the option to choose between different display modes before writing the piece, he's positive in general. Still:


Another potential sticking point is the price-tag. At £15 (approximately $24), this is a hard sell for many. There’s a lot of content here despite the cut-down ruleset, but they might have trouble attracting interest outside of their core market, especially as a growing number of RPGs from the 90s are available now from stores like Good Old Games, and tend to be priced much lower.


What good party-based old-school RPGs with turn-based combat are there on GoG? Well, OK, Betrayal at Krondor and the Arkania games... but even if you don't have them yet, checking out KotC demo should manadatory for any RPG fan!


Spotted at: KotC forums

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