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Frayed Knights Review

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Frayed Knights Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 2 November 2011, 11:54:02

Tags: Frayed Knights

RPGamer reviewed Rampant Games' blob crawler Frayed Knights: The Skull of Smakh-Daon. They score it 2.5/5.

Battles are time-consuming because, in the grand tradition of games that emulate pen & paper role playing a bit too much, Frayed Knights employs invisible dice to determine the success of every action in combat. This means that attacks can, and do, miss the enemy with alarming frequency. Though enemies are also affected by the invisible dice, the result of this is usually to drag combat on for a long time, with particularly painful moments coming when spells that affect multiple targets and have a chance of hitting in the low nineties miss everything, which does happen. When characters do manage to hit the enemy, the damage they deal is also randomized, and while a certain mindset might find it funny when a priest inflicts considerably more pain than a warrior on some turns, such unpredictability just makes fights take even longer. Weak enemies that are no threat to the party still take at least a couple of turns to eliminate, though equipment and levels do alter the danger zone.
Wait, what? You can miss the enemy? Preposterous!

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