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Larian Studios Status Update

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Larian Studios Status Update

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 16 November 2011, 13:42:07

Tags: Dragon Commander; Larian Studios

Swen Vincke posted another meaty status update on Dragon Commander on the Larian forums. A snippet:

My desk is riddled with notes, flowcharts and designs for both DC & project E, but since we’re not talking about E yet, I’ll give you a rundown on where we stand with DC. Here’s a picture of the desk 
Dragon Commander on facebook 

Internally we look at DC as a game being split in two phases – phase 1 is the strategy/rpg part, phase 2 is the action/rts part. Since we want to be able to make the claim that you’ll make more decisions in DC than in any RPG we’ve ever produced, we made sure that for every character you encounter in the game, there are complex decision trees, and that the impact of reaching a certain point in each decision tree has an impact on the overall gameplay. 

Looking at elf princess Lohannah for instance, I count 7 RPG like decisions to be made (i.e. moral, ethical, political, romantic etc…) with associated different consequences. Each character has been worked out like this, and we’ve made sure that whenever something felt like cliché or uninteresting, it was sent back to the drawing board. The ten characters on my desk alone yield more than 100 consequences, and I wished we had stuff like this in the previous Divinities. 

Well, if the previous Divinities lacked that stuff, at the very least it won't be difficult to top that.

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