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Knights Of The Chalice 2 Goals

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Knights Of The Chalice 2 Goals

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Wed 23 November 2011, 05:07:24

Tags: Heroic Fantasy Games

BlueSalamander shares his thoughts on Knights Of The Chalice 2:

I've done some initial work for the next game and here are some of my goals - I'd like to switch:
* from procedural programming to object oriented (OO is much more suitable for a large project, I now realise this)
* from a Windows-specific development library (DirectX) to a cross-platform library (probably SFML) that works on Linux, Mac and Windows. It has been said that 50% of indie RPG sales are Mac versions.
* from a low resolution window to high resolution (preferably a 1024x768 window) - this means starting from scratch on graphic assets. Something approaching the graphic quality of Temple of Elemental Evil for dungeon tiles would be ideal. The game would still use 2D tiles and sprites and the same kind of Ultima-VII perspective. Initially I was more in favour of keeping the low resolution. But it's probably worth trying to get graphics closer to TOEE or Eschalon in order to widen the audience.
* together with the graphic change, it will be good to change from MIDI music to CD-quality music in ogg format.
* from a focus on a single large adventure to a module editor that could be used to create small modules intended for player characters of a certain level. After finishing a module, the same player characters could be transferred into another module where they can continue adventuring and levelling up. Just like the classic D&D modules. Some features will go away, like listening at the door, as it makes level design slower without bringing much benefit.
So yeah, it goes without saying that all this will take time! But wouldn't it be great to have an editor like the one of Neverwinter Nights, with top-down 2D and turn-based combat?
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