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Why you should be a Knight of the Chalice

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Why you should be a Knight of the Chalice

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 2 December 2011, 15:23:41

Tags: Heroic Fantasy Games; Knights of the Chalice

Another gamer's blog, Benjamin Book, penned some sort of review for Knights of the Chalice.

Knights of the Chalice's cobmat is what truly makes it stand out from other turn based titles. Again, KotC pulls from the bucket of simplicity and makes the combat as fluid as turn based can be. The lack of long winded animations paired with the surplus of knowledge the UI gives you allows you to work through combat without a hitch, all the while learning more about the OGL 3.5 ruleset (unless you're a master of the OGL 3.5).
The lack of a 3D environment only further augments the perfection of turn based heaven. In a 2D environment (the same way pen & paper is played) you can carefully position yourself to flank and nuke enemies without the hassle of dealing with a z axis. In games such as Neverwinter Nights or Dragon Age, you'll find yourself chaotically attacking whatever you see without any aspect of positioning. While that doesn't mean they're bad games, it's simply a reflection of how modern 3D titles are played. A more classic 3D turn based game is Wizardry 8, but it has to bow to KotC at every step concerning combat due to the 3D element (a video says a million words). Fluidity is the most important criteria of combat, and as far as I'm aware it hasn't been done well on a 3D turn based role playing game thus far. Although, if anyone reading this feels otherwise, let me know in a comment - I'm always open to suggestions.
Plus, all hope is not lost.

How about simply making an expansion to KOTC, Blue?
I'll make no promises but there may be one.

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