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The Witcher 2: BitTorrent Collector's Edition now only $1230

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The Witcher 2: BitTorrent Collector's Edition now only $1230

Game News - posted by Jason on Fri 16 December 2011, 17:37:10

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

TorrentFreak reports that some folks who may or may not have pirated The Witcher 2 are receiving threatening letters from CD Projekt’s lawyers.

The price CD Projekt is asking through their lawyers is slightly higher than what gamers have to pay in stores, to say the least. Over the past several months thousands of alleged BitTorrent users in Germany were asked to cough up 911,80 euros ($1230) to pay off their apparent debt to the company.

As is often the case, these mass settlement schemes do not exist without collateral damage. Aside from targeting many people who indeed downloaded and shared the game without paying, CD Projekt’s lawyers are also wrongfully accusing people who have never even heard of the game.​
CD Projekt assured Eurogamer, however, that there's nothing to worry about.

We've seen some of the concern online about our efforts to thwart piracy, and we can assure you that we only take legal actions against users who we are 100 per cent sure have downloaded our game illegally.​
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