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Fargo being serious about crowdfunding Wasteland 2

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Fargo being serious about crowdfunding Wasteland 2

Game News - posted by Zed on Wed 15 February 2012, 13:53:32

Tags: Brian Fargo; Wasteland; Wasteland 2

Brian Fargo recently posted the following couple of tweets on his twitter:

Pondering bringing Wasteland back through this crowdfunding. It's a world I have longed to work with again.

and moments later

Very encouraging to see all the love for a new Wasteland. Crowdfunding might be the perfect way to make it a reality...

Matt 'Matt Chat' Barton followed up on this, with Fargo confirming his interest in the idea of crowdfunding a sequel to the predecessor to Fallout:

"I thought you all might be interested to know we are seriously looking at bringing a new Wasteland back with crowdsource funding. If we get enough support it could finally happen. Nothing would make me happier."

Fargo's Wasteland 2 vs. Avellone's RPG. Who will start a funding project first? Who will raise the most money? Place your bets.

There are 109 comments on Fargo being serious about crowdfunding Wasteland 2

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