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Wasteland Kickstarter Project Interview with Brian Fargo

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Wasteland Kickstarter Project Interview with Brian Fargo

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 24 February 2012, 16:53:31

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

InXile CEO Brian Fargo got quizzed by NMA on his planned Wasteland 2 kickstarter project.

Brother None reports:
In an interview with No Mutants Allowed, InXile CEO Brian Fargo talks indepth about his plans regarding the crowdfunded Wasteland game his company is planning. Mr Fargo explains how the game will be top-down, and notes that it being party-based with turn-based combat "is an absolute critical requirement to me". Among other tidbits, he also reveals none of the money raised on Kickstarter will go to his personal salary, only to the team and outside contractors.
Here's a snippet from the interview:

Does a Wasteland project being an RPG create any problems since RPGs are generally more complex and expensive to make, or does it being a hardcore RPG make it more similar in budget and niche appeal to DoubleFine's Adventure project?
There is no question that RPG's are on the more difficult side of the scale to create on a tight budget. It isn't a real RPG if it doesn't have deep cause and effect and true re-playability and that means you create more assets than a player will see in a normal session. We do have the advantage of this being a top down game which saves tremendously on the art creation which in turn allows us to script out numerous outcomes without the concern of creating graphics for every possible situation. Artists can spend months on a single 3D model in a 1st person game and that would make a lower budget title impossible. We also have the advantage of knowing the base mechanics from the first game which saves trial and error but the real key will be in the pre-production. We need to design out every locale, conversation, item and NPC before we start coding... and I mean EVERY detail. This way the game is ensured to be deep and production is kept efficient and focused. We will also use that time to solicit feedback from key hardcore players such as yourself to question us hard on the design decisions. Changes are free at the writing stage so ideas can be changed and incorporated without fear of making the budget become impossible. Also the original Wasteland team was pretty small so efficiency was key then also.

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