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Brian Fargo Interview @ Joystiq

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Brian Fargo Interview @ Joystiq

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 15 March 2012, 17:00:37

Tags: Brian Fargo; Wasteland 2

After the success of the Wasteland 2 kickstart Brian Fargo gave an interview to Joystiq. Is Kickstarting the future of game publishing?

Tell us about the game. How true to the original do you plan to make it?

I want this game to be comfortable for either a Wasteland of Fallout 1/2 player to be able to step into like a comfortable pair of shoes. Obviously the graphics need to be updated and will have different combat systems etc. but there is a tone, stats, and interface that comes with the RPGs from that era. People are very clear about wanting THAT experience and none of this "re-imagining" business. The game will initially take place in the (American) southwest with you controlling a band of desert rangers like the first game. The game will have scope and scale like both Wasteland and Fallout; it will be open-world in the sense that we don't lead you around by the nose; it will have multiple approaches to most things to avoid the moralistic "right" solution; it will be skill based; NPCs will join the group and not always behave like you want, and it will not require hand-eye coordination. Oh, and tons of weapons so people can shoot their way through situations instead of charming anyone.
Do you think funding campaigns like this will spell the end for big game publishers, or cause them to re-evaluate their business approach in the future?

Well it would certainly be overstating the cause to expect it to spell the end for them but it should be some sort of wake up call. There are fans that are going unnoticed and there is a treatment of developers that is abysmal. I hope all the talented developers find a niche audience that allows them to make games with the purity of a direct relationship with their fans.

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