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Age of Decadence Demo Released

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Age of Decadence Demo Released

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 22 March 2012, 19:05:19

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

Today, Thursday, March 22nd 2012, the Age of Decadence public beta (also knows as the demo) has been released. Finally.

We had a preview, as you may remember.

Currently it seems they're having problems with their SugarSync bandwidth.
"The public link you were sharing (below) violates the SugarSync Terms of Use or exceeds our allowable bandwidth: Because of this violation, we have disabled the link permanently. In addition, your other public links (including new links you create) will be temporarily disabled for the next 24 hours.

"Thanks for using up all our bandwidth in 2 min, you arseholes! That's why we can't have nice things.

Anyway, I'll report new download links as they become available.

For the time being I have the official press release from Vince D. Weller himself.
Fuck press-releases. I hate that phony shit. "Here is the link. Go nuts."

Links for the public beta:
Atomic Gamer
Here's a torrent
Demonoid torrent

Go play it and post your impressions in this thread.

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