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Paradise Cracked interview

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Paradise Cracked interview

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 27 January 2003, 19:31:19

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For those interested in Paradise Cracked, we've just posted an interview covering the Russian made, tactical, cyberpunkish, turn based CRPG. Here's a taste:

5. Can you let us have some details on the gameworld? How large is the gameworld, how many main locations are there? What types of location will we see in the game? Can the player move between locations freely, or is this tied to the plot progression?

It is a huge megapolis divided into several levels, each including a number of game maps ( locations), ), between which the player can move back and forth. Some of the maps become available only after you complete certain quests. That is why we keep the exact number of maps per level in secret.

When on the particular level, you can visit any of its locations at any time (except for the secret maps, of course). But you can not go from one end of the level to the other in a moment. To reach the opposite end of the level you will have to cross all the locations, which are in between. There are a lot of robots and vehicles in the city streets ? trams, buses, advertising robots, etc. And you can use all this machinery for your own purposes. But remember that your enemies can use robots and vehicles as well. All damage done to buildings will be stored in the memory, and if there are many fights on the same map, the location will be completely ruined.

Each level of the megapolis has its own style. Thus, Low Town is dark and dirty slums, industrial areas, sewers, etc, High Town is residential areas, municipal authorities, and huge hypermarkets, Sky Town is a network of arches and towers.​

Maybe in the sequel, they'll have Funky Town!

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