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Interview with Brian Fargo at Dagon's Lair

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Interview with Brian Fargo at Dagon's Lair

Interview - posted by Zed on Mon 2 April 2012, 16:14:59

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

Dagon lets us know he has published an interview with Brian Fargo at Dagon's Lair. Among other things, Brian answers questions about his early career, his vision for the future, and of course Wasteland 2. Have a few snips:

Could you talk a bit about yourself, how you came into the video game industry. What made you start as a game designer, and what made you continue this way in this ever changing business ?

My resume is quite short for the games business. I was very fortunate that all of my interests as a kid set me up to get into the games business at its infancy. I was an avid reader of fantasy/science fiction, I collected comic books, I played Dungeons and Dragons and I liked to program computers. It’s hard to believe I’m one of the few people from that era that is still in the game so to speak. I have always like making games and am fortunate to be able to still do so.

How did you get Interplay to grow so well up to the 90s. What was your vision of the games your company created ? Could you comment on the creation of the RPG game standards you created : Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, Fallout, … and also how are they compared to other companies « old » games (Ultima, …)

For the most part I just kept producing games that felt right to me and the products led the way. I’m really proud of the number of memorable games we created from the late 80′s through the 90′s. Our slogan was By Gamers. For Gamers. and we did a pretty good job of staying true to that. Not 100% but not too bad. I would not quite know how to compare our games to others as I didn’t really think in those terms. As the teams grew bigger I made sure to try and keep the right sensibilities in tact and make changes that made sense as a gamer. It was definitely the golden era at that point in time.

How far are you in Wasteland 2′s creation ? Just an idea ? Design documents ? Main scenario done ? … Will you create your game you have in mind or try to please most of fans’ demands on the ideas… ?

Quite a bit of work was done by Jason Anderson while he was here. Lots of locations, dialogue, characters and story ideas were flushed out. Now we are bringing the design team on like Stackpole, Avellone, Danforth etc. to fill in more of the personality. It is a similar process that we did with the first game. Most of the fans « demands » have really been around the systems and tone and not the specific story points.​

It's a French/English interview. You'll have to scroll down for the English version.

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