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Inquisitor English Website Launched

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Inquisitor English Website Launched

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 5 April 2012, 19:55:29

Tags: Inquisitor

Czech "Diablo-like with a story on top" RPG Inquisitor has just received its very own official English website, Apparently that's because "the release of the English version of Inquisitor is getting closer." Who would've thought!

The English website is now online!

As the release of the English version of Inquisitor is getting closer, it is the right time to launch the English website. Don’t be afraid to check everything it offers to you, such as an extensive introduction to the game world, basics you should know, as well as the details about the main characters or an in-depth overview of all seven fields of magic (both permitted and forbidden). There are even several new screenshots from the English version waiting for you in the Gallery!​

So I headed to the Gallery and here's what I saw:


You too can check out the official website to see if it's your thing.

Spotted at Gamebanshee

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