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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced

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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 19 April 2012, 16:28:15

Tags: 1C Entertainment; Space Rangers 2: Dominators; Space Rangers 2: Reboot; Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

Those of you who enjoyed the previous Space Rangers games (personally I haven't played them but heard good things about them) now have a semi-new SR title to look forward to, Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, which is supposed to remaster and tie together Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators and Space Rangers 2: Reboot, as well as add new sidequests, spaceship upgrades, goals, promotions, text quests, planetary battles, and other stuff.

MOSCOW, Russia — April 18, 2012 — Leading Eastern and Central European publisher, 1C Company, is proud to announce the development of Space Rangers HD: A War Apart. The legendary series returns, in full HD glory, and with new material offering a pirate’s point of view with new storyline. This new title remasters the universe of Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators and Space Rangers 2: Reboot and allows players to revisit those games or take part in a thrilling new story.

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart takes place in 3300AD. Our galaxy is invaded by the Dominators, combat robots that come under the influence of an alien technology. The player finds themselves in a living, breathing world where they can engage multiple activities: fight in space and hyperspace, buy and sell goods, accomplish government missions, liberate planets from the Dominators in 3D RTS battles and complete text adventures leading to unique plot twists and rewards. The game ending is not set and players may find a victory of either side at the end. Everything depends on the actions taken in this developing world where anybody can live the life of a pirate as well as that of a hero.

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart features a dynamic game world where the balance of power between the Dominators and the Coalition can shift at any minute and can be tipped to either side by player actions. A wise criminal will wait before plundering the Coalition if it is losing the war. Additionally, the game has been updated including new upgrades for spaceships, new planetary battles, text quests and hyperspace engagements available to pirates and law abiding rangers. This enhanced edition brings full widescreen support up to 1920x1200 complete with updated graphics and interface. Subtle improvements like the ability to play hyperspace battles outside of the story mode help to provide the unique experience for which Space Rangers was revered.​

There is even an official website that you might want to visit, but no official release date yet. I believe I'll finally give the series a try with this; it sounds pretty good.

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