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Arx Libertatis v1.0, Arx Fatalis Port, Released

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Arx Libertatis v1.0, Arx Fatalis Port, Released

Mod News - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 20 April 2012, 09:18:19

Tags: Arx Fatalis; Arx Libertatis

Arx Libertatis, a port of Arx Fatalis to a new cross-platform engine, has been officially released as version 1.0:

Arx Libertatis 1.0 "Bloody Gobblers!" released (2012-04-19)

After over a year of work we are proud to announce the first release of Arx Libertatis. While some minor graphical glitches remain, the game is fully playable on both Windows and Linux as well as other platforms. There are packages available for Windows and Linux. On other systems you may still be able to run the game by compiling the source code yourself.

Besides porting the game to SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL and the amd64 architecture while maintaining native Direct X backends, we fixed some performance issues with newer operating systems, added more configuration options and improved the interface scaling for widescreen resolutions. See the wiki for the full changelog.

But that does not mean that the work on Arx Libertatis is done. There is still much code to clean and features to add. Contributions, small or large, are welcome: Feel free to fork the project on github or join us in #arxfatalis on the Freenode IRC network.

The Arx Libertatis source code is based on the publicly released Arx Fatalis sources and available under the GPL 3+ license. This does however not include the game data, so you need to obtain a copy of the original Arx Fatalis or its demo to play Arx Libertatis. ​

Thanks SCO!

UPDATE. SCO sends further word:

Don't forget to mention you need the patch as usual, and that if trying to play in linux, to rename the files to lower case (any linux user that can't figure out how, doesn't deserve to be using linux haha).

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