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Age of Decadence Win A Pre-Order Copy Contest

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Age of Decadence Win A Pre-Order Copy Contest

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 20 April 2012, 12:00:30

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

Most people frequenting the Codex are probably aware of the release of the Age of Decadence public beta some time ago. Since then Iron Tower opened up the possibility to pre-order the game, mainly to support their programmer, who, given enough pre-orders come in, might be able to quit his job and start working on AoD full-time.

To generate some buzz (and lulz) we've decided to stage an Age-of-Decadence-Win-a-PreOrder-Copy-Contest. The goal is to create an advertisement for The Age of Decadence. Let your creative juices run freely, it doesn't matter if you submit a photoshop, a gif or flash, a fake retro-ad, a youtube video or a sizable poster ad. All entries will be judged 100% democratically by a jury of esteemed Codex staff members on the basis of the following criteria: creativity, humor, quality/authenticity, or perhaps other criteria I'll invent on the fly.

The winners get a copy of the game (for, like, free!).

A contest needs rules. I say we let it run a couple of weeks, how about until June 1st?
The best 5 entries win.* You may post your stuff in this very thread.

*if there really are more than 5 deserving high-quality entries, we might be compelled to up that number.

Finally, should one of the winners already have pre-ordered the game and doesn't need a second copy or doesn't want a copy in the first place, he can have a $25 Steam game instead.

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