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DivDiv review on Four Fat Chicks

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DivDiv review on Four Fat Chicks

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 29 January 2003, 17:40:00

Tags: Divine Divinity

Four Fat Chicks have posted their review of Divine Divinity which gives the point of view of two of their writers. Overall, it's a mixed bag review, and here's a paragraph of it:

It isn't until the ending campaigns that your character's level 36 feels more like an IQ, unless you resort to more tactical, lure-em-out-and-pick-em-off or long-distance strategies. You will also be glad if you have purchased or found limited Shadows and creature statuette spells which allow brief periods of invisibility or morphing into animals for quick escapes.​

Is there a point in that first sentence? Of course it's stupid to run in to a pack of critters!

Spotted this at Blue's News

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