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NEO Scavenger Interview at The Digital Fix

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NEO Scavenger Interview at The Digital Fix

Interview - posted by Zed on Thu 3 May 2012, 18:17:35

Tags: Blue Bottle Games; Daniel Fedor; NEO Scavenger

NEO Scavenger, a post-apoc survival RPG by Blue Bottle Games (founded by ex-Bioware dev Daniel Fedor) was earlier scrutinized by Codexers. Daniel himself appeared and answered questions, responded to feedback and good times were had by all.

We haven't really heard much about the game since then - until now. The Digital Fix just published part 1 of an interview with Daniel. In this part of the interview, he talks about leaving Bioware for creative freedom, the state of classic CRPGs today, inspiration for NEO Scavenger, and more.

Why do you think classic CRPGs like this stopped getting made?

It's just capitalism at work. Market pressures and development costs drive much of what we see in the games market. Most studios try to find the intersection of games they want to make with games they can afford to make. If more people throw down cash for games like Call of Duty, more games like Call of Duty get made.

Once in a while, a studio decides to take a risk and make something different. Most of the time, it's a failure, and that behaviour is punished by bankruptcy. Very occasionally, it's a hit, and then there's a new gold rush to that genre.

Do you think they're coming back into fashion?

The hand-painted, turn-based, isometric CRPGs many of us fell in love with faded away because other genres were a better bet, financially. They just evolved out of the market. The reason we're starting to see them crop up again is because the cost of making and publishing them has gone down. I can write a game using off the shelf tools for a fraction of the cost and effort it took a decade ago, and then sell it through an increasing number of channels, including my own website.

When the barriers drop like that, we see more games with more variety. It enables people like me to afford taking the risk.​

Click here for the full part 1 of the interview, and go back there tomorrow for part 2.

Thanks Jake!

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