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Drox Operative, Starship Action RPG, Interview at RTG

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Drox Operative, Starship Action RPG, Interview at RTG

Interview - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 8 May 2012, 16:46:30

Tags: Drox Operative; Soldak Entertainment

The Random Tower of Games blog has interviewed Soldak Entertainment's Steven Peeler about his upcoming "starship action RPG" Drox Operative. In the interview, Steven explains the game's setting, design and gameplay, as well as the difference between it and Soldak's previous game Din's Curse. Have a snippet:

What about your next game, Drox Operative? Can you describe it?

Drox Operative is a starship action RPG with warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer for Windows and Mac. [...]

Compared to your last game, Din's Curse, what kind of new features players could find?

The biggest new feature is basically all of the diplomacy with the races vying for control of your current sector of space. It’s up to you who to support, who to hinder, and how you will accomplish all of this. Just a reminder, it’s your goal to eventually be on the winning side. It gets tricky pretty fast though.

For example, the ship Cyano is terrorizing the star system that you are currently scouting.You believe that you could win the battle and the Cortex are offering a pretty hefty bounty for the destruction of Cyano. Do you destroy Cyano and collect on the bounty? In this case, the Cortex are the second most powerful race, they are well behind the Drakk empire, the Cortex and the Drakk are at war, and the Drakk don’t particular like you.
Yeah, it just got much more complex.
If you take the bounty, you will make the second most powerful race happier and more stable, but at the same time you will piss off the most powerful race. Do you take the quick cash and try to repair the relations hit later? Do you throw your full weight behind the Cortex and try to overthrow the Drakk? Or do you kiss up to the Drakk and let the Cortex handle their own problems? It’s completely up to you.

In Drox Operative play seems to be immersed into a 4x (eXplore eXpand eXploit eXterminate, like Master Of Orion 2, or Galactic Civilization) play, from a different perspective, it's true?

Yes, from a background perspective it is very similar to 4X games. However, instead of controlling an entire empire like a real 4X game, you are an elite operative that chooses which races to help out. Overall it’s your goal to ally with the winning side, either by becoming friends with the strongest or forging one of the races into the strongest.​

You can find the full interview here. Personally, along with Faster Than Light, this is a sci-fi RPG(-like) that I'm really looking forward to.

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