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Game of Thrones RPG Hands-On Previews

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Game of Thrones RPG Hands-On Previews

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 10 May 2012, 10:09:52

Tags: A Game of Thrones RPG; Cyanide Studio

Here are two previews of Cyanide's upcoming Game of Thrones RPG.

The first one on Gamerant is rather brief.
In terms of gameplay, the experience will feel very similar to the Dragon Age series -- with careful thought given to how each of the characters in a player’s party interact and work together. Much of the standard RPG foundation is present -- such as inventory, leveling and skill tree systems, etc.

A stand-out feature of the combat system -- the careful choice of ‘Action Slots’. These slots are activated by pressing L1 and selecting an item or skill from the “Belt.” As more skills are unlocked and learned, they can be added to the belt and used in combat -- provided the character has enough energy to do so. When pausing to choose which action to perform next, time will slow down, enough to give the player a chance to think, while still moving forward with the action at hand.

The flow of the storyline is also heavily dependant on choices made through actions and dialogue. On easier difficulty settings, the action doesn’t factor in as much, and players are free to relax a bit and let the story take over. However, more daring players will constantly have to strategize and make decisions that aren’t necessarily on a scale of good and evil. Regardless of difficulty preferences, the RPG elements and action system should quickly become familiar to most players.

The second one on wegotthiscovered is a bit lengthier, but exactly as insightful.
As I watched and played, the amount of choice made available to fans became noticeable. Conversations could be altered based on selected responses, greatly affecting their results. For example; upon finding lawbreakers, I was able to decide whether to be forgiving or ruthless. By choosing to not let them get away with their misguided deeds, a combat situation was created. However, that’s just one time where choices affected gameplay, as several others were noticed. I don’t want to get into too many specifics though, because spoilers suck. Just know that the straight-forward conversation system of yesteryear is not employed here, leading to a more personalized experience.

Wait what? You can choose different replies in conversation and either be forgiving or ruthless? And if you're ruthless, you'll have to fight? Jesus, that's amazing.

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