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"A Promise Never Fulfilled": Gamebanshee Reviews Diablo III

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"A Promise Never Fulfilled": Gamebanshee Reviews Diablo III

Review - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 22 May 2012, 17:05:28

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment; Diablo III; Eric Schwarz

Gamebanshee's Eric Schwarz has written a 6-page review of Blizzard's Diablo III. He starts it with "Diablo III is a promise never fulfilled", and goes on to say:

That might sound a little bit grim, but I think it encapsulates both the end product, as well as the core gameplay that the franchise has built itself around. Diablo III is a colossally polished title, that much is clear upon even just a few minutes hacking and slashing through monsters, but it's also one which is never really able to live up to its potential, just as most players who ever pick it up will be able to fully conquer Inferno difficulty.

So, while it might be an exceptionally pretty and expansive game, with more art assets, loot tiers, skill and stat combinations than most other titles on the market today, Diablo III is also unfulfilling, like a sugary snack - it never leaves you feeling satisfied, only wanting more, whether that's more loot, a more competently executed story, or a more interesting character system.

[...] Right now, the hack and slash genre is seeing a sudden explosion of interest, with Grim Dawn, Path of Exile and Torchlight II all providing much cheaper and, frankly, more fun alternatives - Path of Exile delivering a more traditional, grimy aesthetic, and Torchlight II sporting more depth in its character and skill systems. Diablo III is certainly good, there's no question, and it might remain unmatched in terms of pedigree, but it can no longer claim to be the definitive king of the hack-and-slash genre either. Perhaps Hell truly has frozen over.​

In other words, nothing unexpected.

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