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RPG Codex Contest: Wasteland 2 Shrine, Artifact, and NPC/Weapon

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RPG Codex Contest: Wasteland 2 Shrine, Artifact, and NPC/Weapon

Competition - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 24 May 2012, 15:29:29

Tags: Codex Statue in Wasteland 2; Wasteland 2

At the RPG Codex, we love contests. You say "contest," and we reply "whoa!" So, as you're aware, given that our members recently collected and donated a relatively whopping $10,000 to the noble Wasteland 2 Kickstarter endeavor, we get to blatantly insert our website's self into the game in the most awkward and obtrusive manner possible.

Well, the thing is - believe it or not - we don't want it to be too awkward. On the contrary, we want it to be subtle and fun to the ordinary player and at the same time instantly perceivable and even more fun to those who are "in the know." You know what I'm saying; a supposedly prestigious magazine and all that.

Hence this contest.

There is just one thing we know for sure. We want Peter's troll statue as the in-game statue. Apart from that, however, nothing is set in stone.

What specifically isn't set in stone, you ask? Let's see. For $10000, we get a shrine; for $5000, we get a statue; for $2500, we get an artifact *and* get to name an NPC, weapon or location. And yes, we get all that at once (the choice between naming a weapon, location or NPC is exclusive, though). We don't need to name a location because we already have the shrine, but the rest is up in the air, really.

Therefore, if you want to take part in the contest, here is the SURVEY we want you - yes, you! - to fill out and submit to us, either in this thread or via the "Contact Us" button on top of the page.

1. Description of the shrine. I.e., what you would like the shrine to be. You must provide a concept, a name, and a description, long or short. E.g., a bunker/abandoned apartment/temple/etc. + e.g., "The Codex" or "Codexia" written above the entrance + some kind of description, e.g., "the shrine's main room is... inside the room are... the shelves are full of... at the back of the room is... on the wall/computer terminal there is a note/a log/etc." Just how detailed you make the description is up to you.

2. Description for the statue. I.e., what should be written on the troll statue's plaque or pedestal or whatever.

3. The type of in-game artifact + backstory. You must provide the type of the artifact + your idea for the backstory. No need to make it too long (although you may if you want to), the concept/outline should suffice.

4. Name an NPC OR weapon. Choose one - NPC or weapon - name it and provide a basic description of it.

The main criteria for evaluating the entries will be creativity, relevance, and appropriateness.

Note 1: You must submit your ideas for ALL of the above points for your entry to count! (Otherwise it'd be hard for us to compare and evaluate the entries against each other.) In other words, you must fill out the entire survey.

Note 2: If you already suggested an idea in one of the earlier discussion threads we had on this, be sure to *re-post it here* + fill in the rest of the survey. Only entries officially submitted to the contest count.

The winner gets A BOXED Collector's Edition of the game AUTOGRAPHED by Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish, Mike Stackpole, Ken St. Andre, Chris Avellone and other key development team members + a Wasteland 2 POSTER + a digital copy of the game, if you need one.

(If it turns out the winner already has an autographed copy and doesn't want a second one for some reason, we will still work something out.)

There are also prizes for the runner-ups that include, apart from digital copies of the game, the Wasteland 2 Digital Concept ART BOOK, the Wasteland 2 SOUNDTRACK by Mark Morgan, and the two-part early release episodic NOVELLA on the Wasteland 2 world written by Mike Stackpole, a NYT bestselling author and member of the original Wasteland team. (The Novella will give hints and clues being built into the actual Wasteland 2 game.)

1. The contest runs through Monday, June 4. Wednesday, June 6. *Contest extended for two more days due to popular demand.*
2. No pornographic or offensive content, unless it is implicit to such an extent that no one except the Codexers will ever notice.
3. No self-inserts.
4. Any other rule that we may come up with on the fly. We'll be sure to notify you about it, though, before the contest ends.

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