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Divine Divinity Review at GameGuruMania

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Divine Divinity Review at GameGuruMania

Review - posted by Mistress on Thu 30 January 2003, 12:01:13

Tags: Divine Divinity

GameGuruMania have posted a positive if rather brief review of Divine Divinity. They give the game an overall score of 81%.

I am just amazed on how many people have e-mailed me with a request that I write a review of Divine Divinity. So, I decided to post this late review right now. Divine Divinity is an isometric role-playing game from CDV and little known Belgium-based developer Larian Studios. Before I even started to play the game I went to the Larian's website to look for the official patch (the original CD installation has many bugs), and I happened to run into the forum there. I was really surprised that quite a few of the game designers frequent the board and really try there best to help people with various problems with the game, everything from bugs to system requirements to quest help. That's rare nowadays for the actual designers, look at Electronic Arts :) The game combines the classic play style of the best of the Ultima series with the fast-paced action of titles like Dungeon Siege and Diablo. Well, the game may look like a Diablo 2 clone to you, especially for the first 15-20 minutes of gameplay. However after spending a couple of hours with this action-RPG, I realized that Divine Divinity is not just a hack-and-slash RPG.​

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