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Divine Divinity review at Gameguru Mania

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Divine Divinity review at Gameguru Mania

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 30 January 2003, 20:01:24

Tags: Divine Divinity

Gameguru Mania, a site that apparently thinks that a hundred screenshots and five paragraphs is Guud Revoowink, has posted a review of Divine Divinity. They give it an 8.1 of 10, and here's 1/5th of the thing:

I'd say the open-ended and interesting set of skills is what really adds some interest to the game. As I mentioned above, you are not restricted to a specific set of skills. You can make almost any combination of skills work in the game. However it also can be a frustrating exercise when you discover the redundancy of certain skills in comparison to others. Also the story in the game is very nicely implemented, good enough to keep you wondering what's next. Even more surprising to me was the amount of humor in the game, which, as far as RPGs go, is actually quite entertaining.​

The conversation between the two skeletons in the first crypt had me in stitches!

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