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RPG Codex Wasteland 2 Contest Winners Announced

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RPG Codex Wasteland 2 Contest Winners Announced

Competition - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 20 June 2012, 07:16:03

Tags: Codex Statue in Wasteland 2; Wasteland 2

As you probably know by now from DarkUnderlord's post in another thread, a decision has finally been reached on who the lucky winners in the Codex Wasteland 2 contest are. Many entries were submitted, some fine, some not. There has been a closed voting involved, and much divergence, and some debate. But now it is settled.

1st place: Alexandros

With a staggering advantage, Alexandros' bunker entry is hereby named the best overall, and he takes the first place. Alexandros has, quite predictably, also won in the "most Codexian shrine" category.

Alexandros' prize is the autographed boxed copy of the game. HOWEVER, in the contest thread, Alexandros opted out of the prize. Are you still SURE you don't want a motherfucking AUTOGRAPHED copy, Alexandros? Even if you are, although personally I don't see why you should refuse, then we'll give you a Ranger Medal Level 5. We can also give you a $20 GOG certificate instead; personally I think this is a poor substitue, but the decision is yours.

Still, you deserve the box, so ideally that's what you should get.

2nd place: Snerf

Perhaps surprisingly, a virtually unknown lurker by the name of Snerf has received overwhelming support for his "Choice & Consequence" set of equipment. Also, his entry was voted best overall by three members of the Codex staff. Therefore his 2nd place is well-deserved, and he gets a Ranger Medal Level 4 to treasure for eternity. (He can also maybe negotiate with DU for another Wasteland 2 goodie, depending on what he wants, like maybe a poster or something; for that, he should contact us.)

3rd place: KickAss

Finally, in the "most Codexian statue description" competition, it has been a tie between Alexandros and KickAss with his reference to the "odds are, something you like very much sucks" motto. But Alexandros already has his higher-level reward, so Ranger Medal Level 3 goes to KickAss. He also came out third in the best overall entry competition, so yeah, 3rd place it is.

I should also say that many other entries have also been mentioned as worthy at least once, but there can only be one ultimate winner. We thank everyone who submitted their entries. You guys have been a blast.

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