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An art lesson from the Grimrock team

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An art lesson from the Grimrock team

Development Info - posted by Zed on Thu 12 July 2012, 11:32:06

Tags: Almost Human Games; Art!; Legend of Grimrock

Juho from Almost Human Games offers a few tips and tricks on how to make spankin' nice matte paintings - like the ones used in Legend of Grimrock's intro sequence.

In this post I’ll show some tricks of trade on how the intro images were created. The images were mostly made with the same techniques that are used in movies to create so called matte paintings. They are a combination of photo manipulation, painting and rendered 3d objects. I used mostly my own photo library of various things I’ve photographed during trips and vacations over the years. Majority of the mountains are from Lapland and north Norway I visited couple years ago with my wife. We had to stop the car all the time when I saw something cool I wanted to take a photo of.​

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